Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pastel Poinsettia Cupcakes

The Edible Artist Network featured my tutorial on making poinsettia cupcakes. You can see it and much more here. Here is another variation to try.
These poinsettia cupcakes have petals cut from gumpaste, but instead of imprinting with a veiner in the traditional way, they are stamped with Christmas sheet music. The petals are made for decoration and can be easily removed from the icing before eating. Follow the easy instructions below to make your own. 

A very small amount of cornstarch is dusted on the rubber stamp to keep it from sticking to the petal. The petals should be allowed to dry slightly before stamping so they can withstand the pressure.

Allow the petals to dry completely before brushing with petal dust. Then, use a handiwipe to brush off the color in between the stamped areas so it will stand out more.

To make the whole petal pink and shiny, brush with lustre dust.

When all of the petals are dusted and dry, pipe a mound of buttercream icing on the center of a cupcake. Three leaves are added first and then a bottom row of five petals. Next add a row of five smaller petals that tilt slightly inward. Finish the flower with 3 more petals and dragees.

Completed poinsettias, one with traditional petals and one with the stamped musical notes. If the flowers are to be used on a cake, the petals can be attached together with piping gel or gum glue and allowed to dry.

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