Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gingerbread with Edible Images

Almost any kind of paper can be used for making edible images. Scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or
printables from the internet are all good options. I used a french postmark from Cathe Holden's website justsomethingimade.com for this project. I cut apart the images, spread them apart and reprinted to make it work for the gingerbread house. Then I took it to my local cake shop
and had them print an edible image for me.

 Roll out fondant larger than the edible image you want to use, it should be fairly thin.
 I use a spray bottle of water (like the kind you get in an airline travel kit) to attach the
edible image to the fondant. Use a paper towel or fingertip to spread the water evenly.
It should be damp with no puddling.
 Lay the gingerbread pieces on top and use as a pattern to cut out the edible image
pieces. Pay attention to what designs you are cutting.
 Piping gel and a brush work best to attach the fondant to the gingerbread.
Lay the pieces facedown to elimante bubbles.
 Once all of the pieces are covered, assemble the house with royal icing as you normally
would. Candy and fondant decorations can be attached to the edible image pieces.
 I used more of the printable paper to decorate the Hershey's Kisses.
Gingerbread houses make great centerpieces. They are charming in the middle of cookie trays.
That is where mine will be. Happy Holidays!