Friday, April 27, 2012

Cameos and Cupcakes for Mother's Day

I did a guest post at My friend Glenda gave me some molds to play with and I did. The molds are very easy to use even though they are detailed, they are easy to fill in multiple colors. I used a small cel stick to fill the small areas.  I froze the molds for a few minutes to make the gumpaste release easier.
 Round sugar cookies with fondant edged with a crimper.

Oval sugar cookies topped with cameos in settings.

This ribbon rose is so pretty. It is so fast to make with a mold!

 I cut out petit fours with an oval cookie cutter and glazed.
The mini cupcake liners are flattened to hold the oblong shape
and help hide the imperfections in the glaze.

This cupcake needs no sprinkles with all of the detail in the mold. Pearl luster dust, applied after the cameo dried, brought out every detail.

The ribbon rose is so versatile.  They released quite easily, just push them out slowly.

When applying multiple colors to a mold add a touch of water between layers to make sure everything sticks together.


I love the cameo in blue.

Cameo and ribbon rose molds 
Shabby chic rose digital paper
Pastel Alphabet Collection


Monday, April 9, 2012

A Patisserie in the Springtime

Doesn't everyone dream of going to Paris? I know I do. I have not made it there yet, but my daughter will be going in a few months on a student exchange trip. Choosing a French theme for her birthday party was an obvious choice. I decided to model the dessert table after a patisserie, making it look as realistic as I could. I made food labels in french, complete with prices in Euros. The french blue wall making a pretty backdrop once adorned with a chalkboard menu, french calendar and framed pastries. 
The menu included palmiers, macaroons, meringue cookies, cream puffs, mocha madeleines, fruit tarts and brownie cakes. I looked at many pictures of real french bakeries before deciding on the menu and tried to keep to items that really would be sold there. The tarts and tulips were as pretty as a picture. White chocolate Eiffel towers were handed out as favors. I used my tea set and collection of tea cups to add some color and charm. The dessert table transformed the room. The guests were enchanted. And the birthday girl, she will carry the love of family with her while she walks down the streets of Paris.
Vendor credits below.

Party Styling and Baked Goods:  Jeannie Gearin

Photography:  Marisa Gearin

Framed Art Work:
Eiffel Tower Poster: 
Pastry tags: