Monday, May 16, 2011

DIY Cupcake Stand

 Supplies:  2 Pencil Holders (Michael's)
                       3 6 inch cardboard cake rounds
                       3 8 inch cardboard cake rounds
                         3 10 inch cardboard cake rounds
                 5 pieces of decorative paper
             2 yards of 3/8 inch ribbon
                                 scissors, glue stick, tape and a glue gun

                        Tape 3 boards of each size together for strength and stability.

      Cut the paper the appropriate size and glue on.
     Cover the pencil holders with paper as well.
Carefully mark the center of each board and use a glue gun to
attach the pencil holders in the middle of each. attach ribbon with a glue gun.
Add cupcakes! The stand will hold 18 cupcakes.
*Pink and Turquoise Digital Paper Pack from

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